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June 1, 1978 -MAY 26, 2022


Illusions will be closing its doors on May 26th, 2022. Yes. You read that right. It has always been in the back of my head as to "when" & "what" to do with the business that began 44 years ago, and I had some ideas a few years ago, but then the pandemic hit. In my heart, I couldn't close the salon without doing what I could to be here for my staff, clients and community. After much reflection over the past few challenging years, I have decided to fully retire this spring. Our team and their families knew this was happening for a little while. So, this is not a shock to them, as it may be to you. We weren’t sure of the actual date until this month. I asked them to keep the information private until I was ready to announce it to all of you. It is now time to let you all know… It is time to say "Goodbye" to Illusions. 



In 1978, I couldn't have imagined that what started as a joint venture with my friend and business partner, Linda Rhoton, would lead up to today. We’ve had over 4 decades of taking care of you and a business I have been proud of each and every year.


A few years after Linda retired (25 years ago) and I became sole owner of Illusions, my husband and I purchased the building and property.  By doing that, I knew I could secure the business location and not have to worry about plans of any new owners. I love West Seattle and was born above Elliott Bay Brewery in the original West Seattle Hospital! This “town” is in my blood and it has been an honor to be able to have a business here, to provide a secure work environment for my team and for them to be proud of where they have worked. I will truly miss each of them.


Now let me share some of the details I am sure you are thinking about asking:


With my retirement, I am also retiring Illusions Hair Design. Rather than "sell" the business, I am allowing its memories to remain intact, as I just can't imagine anyone else running it the way we have. It wouldn't be fair to you, and it definitely wouldn't be fair to me or my team. I have also recently sold the property and what becomes of it in the future is unknown. (Please know that if they choose to rent our space to another salon, it will NOT be Illusions.)


As for our current team who have been with Illusions for over 150 years combined (Rita-36, Anna-34, Monica-26, Nancy-24, and Heather 29+), they too are retiring from Illusions and the industry. Decades of standing and doing the wonderful services they have performed have created some ongoing challenges. My hopes are that the years they have spent here have given them other solid skills they can take with them to be successful in other areas for years to come. I am excited to see what they do and where their personal/professional journeys takes each of them.


Next, since none of our team will continue in our professions, where do YOU go from here? We ran Illusions in very non-traditional ways within the salon industry. We instituted a non-tipping policy more than thirty years ago, we created a team environment for clients to feel comfortable going to any of our stylists, we paid hourly wages with benefits, we always had a Customer Service Coordinator at our front desk during business hours to answer questions, phone calls, and help with needs of clients or help out the team members whenever they could. We chose to not allow on-line booking because it just wasn't a part of the entire customer service package in which we believed.  Whether there is a salon out there that has created something similar, I do not know. I am unfamiliar with what other salons in the area provide. We do not have any suggestions to recommend any other salon or stylist. We simply do not have enough knowledge about them in order to provide you with a recommendation. It will be up to you to choose who/where may fit your individual needs. If you see someone with hair you like, ask them for a reference. Get a lot of them and then make your decision based on YOUR type of hair.


Please know, we will NOT be "selling" or "storing" ANY of your personal data after we close. Should you want your color formula, we will be happy to give them to you THROUGH THURSDAY MAY 26. We will NOT HAVE ACCESS to our computer program files AFTER THAT DATE. This is just not for formulas but all information including your name, address, phones, etc. We ask you to understand that other salons/stylists will likely use different color lines, and different methods/techniques altogether. However, if they have good color knowledge background, they will not need a formula.


The decision to close our salon will always come with a heavy heart, but it is the right time. I will cherish many memories I have, as I hope you will. I tried to make Illusions a learning experience for everyone while having some fun. I feel I succeeded. It’s been a great ride!









Now that you have read

our news about the salon closing...




-Please understand that we are no longer accepting any new clients.


-Current clients who have received services within the past 3 years can schedule appointments through April, and can request appointments for the month of MAY AFTER MARCH 14th. 


-N95 or KN95 ear loop style masks and proof of Covid vaccination will continue to be required for entry until further notice.


-If you do not have the proper mask, we have a supply on hand in the salon for purchase. They are $1 each and that cost will be added to your service bill.


-Continue to call from your vehicle when you arrive for your scheduled appointment. We will let you know when to come to the door.




We have updated our salon protocols.

You can find them on our website 



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